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Welcome to the Axelrod Python Project

An open reproducible implementation of the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma Tournament.

$ pip install axelrod

The project has 3 goals:

Everything is on github and released under an MIT license.

The Axelrod Python Library

A Python package with over 70 strategies.

Easily contribute more strategies via pull request and/or run your own tournaments:

import axelrod
strategies = [s() for s in axelrod.basic_strategies]
tournament = axelrod.Tournament(strategies)
results =
plot = axelrod.Plot(results)
p = plot.boxplot()


The library is well documented and should allow you to create your own tournaments very easily.

The documentation is also becoming a good reference point on the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma with an overview of some of the classic tournaments.

New strategies welcome

The package keep track of the performance of all submitted strategies.

Here is the latest summary, if you can beat the current field please do send us contribute and/or get in touch:

Full tournament results

The DjAxelrod web app

We are building an exciting Django based web app.

Soon anyone will be able to create and run tournaments from the library using a simple interface.

How to reference this library

We would be delighted if anyone wanted to use and/or reference this library for their own research.

If you do please let us know and reference this page:

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